Curry getting looks, but one sticks out

Kurvin Curry is a highly touted quarterback out of Hart County High School. Curry is just beginning to pull in offers from schools around the South, but one is high on his list.

Quentin Grant: Do you have any offers at this time?

Kurvin Curry: I have an offer from Duke.

Grant: Are you hearing from any other schools that haven't offered yet?

Curry: Georgia Tech has been talking to my coach but they haven't sent me anything yet.

Grant: Do you see yourself as an ACC or SEC caliber player?

Curry: I could see myself playing in the ACC or SEC better than the other conferences out there.

Grant: If you are getting offers from Duke you must have great grades?

Curry: Yes sir, my grades are good.

Grant: How did your team do this year?

Curry: We did pretty well, we went to the third round of the playoffs.

Grant: Now are you hoping to collect some more offers as time goes on?

Curry: Yes sir, I hope to get at least a couple more, but I could see myself playing at Duke.

Grant: Are you currently playing basketball?

Curry: Yes sir, I play point guard for my basketball team.

Grant: Have you thought about going to anyone's Junior Day in the spring?

Curry: Duke has invited me to their Junior Day, so I will definitely be going to that one.

Grant: Do you see yourself committing early or waiting it out until the end?

Curry: I want to wait until the season starts and see if I get anymore offers. If I get a couple of weeks into the season and I don't have any more offers I will probably go ahead and commit to Duke.

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