Taking It Inside

One of the main problems for the Georgia men's basketball team last season was an inside scoring presence. Enter Takais Brown. Takais has 18 of his team-high 20 points in the 2nd half and overtime in Georgia's big upset over Kentucky 78-69. Takais also had 7 rebounds and 3 assists. Takais leads the Dawgs in scoring in conference games averaging 14.3 points per game. After the game I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- You said in a previous interview that anyone can beat anyone in the SEC, how true is that?

Takais Brown -- I agree with that 100%. I watched the other day Arkansas beat Alabama, then we beat Arkanas and then Alabama beat us and then look what happened tonight. Anyone can beat anyone.

DM -- How about this crowd?

TB -- This is the first time I ever saw Stegeman so electric. Usually the first time we go the court we see the band, the hoop girls, the cheerleaders and a few others... tonight there was a section already full when we first came out. This was the biggest home crowd I have played in front of.

DM -- What went wrong the first half?

TB -- I was not aggressive enough. We were out of sync and did not get back quickly enough on defense.

DM -- When Georgia was clawing back, was there a player that spoke up?

TB -- Our whole team did. All of us. It is like a group session. We all listen to each other from the top player to the bottom.

DM -- It took forever for Randolph Morris to get his 4th and 5th fouls...

TB -- That was our plan when he got 3 in the first half. We tried to put mismatches against him and it took him awhile to foul out.

DM -- Is he the best inside force you have played against so far?

TB -- As far as the way he finishes. Kyle Visser at Wake Forest is also good.

DM -- The next game you play against Glen Davis and LSU... does everyone is this league have a dominating big man?

TB -- That's why I came here. Davis, Morris, Horford, Noah, Davidson... they all are so good. I want to bang with the best of them.

DM -- Joe Crawford looked real good tonight... he too is from Michigan... did you play against him in high school?

TB -- No, he was in a different classification than me.

DM -- Georgia dominated the boards the whole second half... how much does coach talk about rebounding?

TB -- Look behind you... that whole board talks about rebounding and 2nd half points off of rebounding. Coach pounds it in.


Takais Brown vs Kentucky

20 points
7 rebounds
3 assists
1 steal
10-15 field goals
1 turnover

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