Off To A Good Start

The 24th ranked Georgia women's tennis team opened their season just like they have opened their previous 10 season openers... with a win. On Friday they defeated #28 Texas A&M 6-1. All-SEC senior Natalie Frazier was one of the stars for the Bulldogs as she won the match-clincher with a win over Anna Lubinsky 7-5,6-1. Natalie comes in this season ranked 44th and after the win I talked to her.

Dave McMahon -- You started a little slow, but finished real strong... what worked and did not work today?

Natalie Frazier -- In the first set I played against her forehand more and I couldn't generate my own pace. But she played well and broke me a few times. Then I started breaking her and gained more focus. In the 2nd set I was hitting more to her backhand and she played a little off.

DM -- You individual ranking is a litle lower this season compared to last year, but do you think you are better?

NF -- I feel stronger this year and I am more knowledgeable, too. I don't really understand the rankings. I really don't care about them.

DM -- Have you ever faced your opponent Anna Lubinsky before?

NF -- I don't remember. I don't think so, but I remember seeing her during juniors.

DM -- Last year, you played at #1 the whole year, you will probably do it again this year, do you enjoy that pressure?

NF -- I love playing at number one! I love the competition!

DM -- There are 5 new girls on this team, do you have to be a leader, too?

NF -- I think so because I am a senoir. I have to remember to keep my composure sometimes. I can't throw my racket because the freshmen might think that is ok. But we all get along so well. We cliqued so well. I just upset that I am a senior, I wish I can play with these girls longer.

DM -- Where was the first place you took these new girls?

NF -- Thai Cafe. That is my favorite place. I love international food. Next will probably be Utage Sushi. I love sushi.

DM -- Last year, this team struggled, but this year's team looks pretty good...

NF -- This is my 4th year here and I think my first year's team had a lot of talent, but what I love about this team is that they give 100% even in practice. I love this team! We are like a family. They are my little sisters.

DM -- Anytime you are playing, we hear you grunt... are you the loudest grunter?

NF -- I think so.

DM -- Who's 2nd?

NF -- Probably Yvette Hyndman, but she is not as loud as me.

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