It's A Tie

The Gym Dogs did something they haven't done since 2002. No, they did not lose, but they did tie. The #2 Gym Dogs tied the #1 Florida Gators at 197.250. Florida was winning after 2 rotations, but Georgia tied it after 3 and it remained tied after it was all over. Katie Heenan won the all-around competion highlighted by a 9.950 on vault and a 9.925 on the floor. After the meet I talked to her.

Dave McMahon -- Can't get any closer than a tie...

Katie Heenan -- Well... the number 1 team and the number 2 team ended in a tie... I guess we will wait to nationals to see who is better. I think overall we made some improvements tonight and we did very well.

DM -- Should there be a way to settle a tie in gymnastics?

KH -- Some people were talking about that... maybe like a football overtime... have one girl go against one girl... who knows?

DM -- Did Coach Yoculan say anything after the 3rd rotation?

KH -- Suzanne just told us to go out there and do our best. Just do our routines, she knows what we are capable of.

DM -- Do you ever scoreboard watch?

KH -- I usually don't. I don't watch the other team's routines either. I worry about what we have to do.

DM -- Did you try to add up the scores?

KH -- Not in my head. I thought we might have been down, but I heard a lot of whispers around me saying it was a tie.

DM -- Coming down to the last rotation it was a tie, then came Abby Stack leading off the floor for you and she hadn't competed at all during the whole meet, but she nailed her floor exercise...

KH -- It was a big confidence booster. Anytime the leadoff person does well the next girl wants to continue it.

DM -- When Courtney McCool stepped out of bounds on her floor routine, did you and Tiffany Tolnay look at each other knowing you were the last two left and that you had to be at your best?

KH -- We definitely knew that we had to step it up.

DM -- Then you nailed your routine, and Tiffany who struggled earlier, nailed her... that says a lot about her?

KH -- It does say a lot about her. Even if she messes up a little, she knew what had to be done and it just showed what kind of competitor she is.


Katie Heenan has competed in 33 of a possible 37 all-arounds in her career at Georgia.

This season she has won 4 of the 5 all-arounds.

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