Boling enjoys Athens visit

ATHENS – Clint Boling has been committed to Georgia for some time, but this was the first weekend he has had free to officially visit the school.

"It was really good," Boling said of his trip to Georgia. "I had a really good time. It was the first time I got to see the dorms and the facilities. I didn't know just how nice it was."

Since the end of football season, Boling has been playing basketball for Chattahoochee, and that's been one hurdle to his attempt to add more weight in the off-season. He is committed to his workout regiment, however, which has resulted in him weighing 270 even during basketball when the pounds tend to fly off for most.

"I have to stay very strict with what I eat and it has taken some getting used to," Boling said. "They were surprised I weighted that much. I think they know that I have been working on it."

The Atlanta native has been eating foods rich with calories in order to replace the near 5,000 calories he expends a day with either basketball or conditioning. A person who burns 5,000 calories a day for one month loses approximately 30 to 40 pounds a month, which is a real problem for a player getting ready to play college football.

Still, Boling is in excellent condition, and when basketball ends he will be able to add weight faster, and will still have his basketball footwork to fall back on for movement – making him a versatile weapon on the offensive line.

"Coach Richt told me that I could play center, guard or tackle," Boling said. "He talked with my family about everything – school and sports. It was really nice. I could really see myself living down there."

Boling's potential has not gone unnoticed, and at least one school is very interested in getting him to switch to signing with their program.

"Alabama contacted my head coach the other day," Boling said. "He just told them that I was not going to be interested in talking with them, and that I am signing with Georgia."

The visit to Athens cemented what was already a very strong bond between Boling and his soon-to-be school.

"Meeting all of the coaches and seeing how everything works everyday was the best part. I love the way the dorms are," he said.

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