Heyward visits Athens

ATHENS – Georgia fans have been holding their breath for the last month hoping a big-name in-state recruit would commit to the Dawgs – they will have to continue to hold.

First Eric Berry picked Tennessee. Then Chris Little picked Notre Dame and then switched to Florida State. Last week Allen Bailey scratched Georgia off his short list.

Is Georgia going to sign a big-name to end the recruiting class? Cameron Heyward is the last name left, and he didn't commit to Georgia Sunday, but he was not available to talk about it as he is coming down with the flu.

"He had good time and enjoyed it," Heyward's mother said of his visit. "I wish we had more to say, but we don't at this time. He is feeling awful and I just want him to rest."

Heyward left during the middle of the basketball game, the same time as Clint Boling, to head home. He was feeling sick, and had a hard time getting going Sunday morning. Heyward also came into Athens a little late – he took the SAT on Saturday morning.

She indicated that the family will be hosting all four schools of interest this week: Ohio State tomorrow night, Florida on Tuesday night; LSU's defensive staff on Wednesday night and Georgia on Thursday night.

Heyward's mom added that finding time to schedule recruiting between basketball obligations and school has been difficult to say the least.

"I am trying to narrow things down now. We've had to figure out times to visits with other coaches. I can't wait for this process to be over with," she said exhaustively.

Less than a week ago, Heyward's Peachtree Ridge teammate Drew Butler committed to Georgia, and hoped that he could bring the big defensive tackle with him. The pair helped the Lions share the AAAAA State Title this past fall. But bringing Heyward has not been simple for any school.

Heyward and Allen are the two last big-name recruits in Georgia, and in much of the South. Florida is in on both talents, but Ohio State will get Heyward's last visit next weekend. Also Jim Tressel will be in Atlanta to speak, and will likely swing by to see Heyward, too.

"I am looking to see where he fits into the school," Heyward's mother said of the Buckeyes and the rest.

Still, Heyward got a good look at Athens. Heyward ended the weekend by talking with Mark Richt and company about Georgia's program.

"We went over everything," she said. "What each school has done is deal with the academics, show you the dorms. What their needs are and where he would play. I asked about their depth chart, and I wanted to know about gradation rates. Georgia told me about 50 of their players getting a 3.0 GPA of better in the fall."

The Bulldogs are not out of the running, but they will have to wait to hear their fate like the rest of the schools interested in Heyward. Heyward's mom says the school he picks will have quality people running it.

"The character of the people in the program will be a very important part of the decision of where Cameron will go," she said.

She also indicated that if she had her way her son would make a decision sooner rather than later.

"I am hoping he makes a decision before signing day," she said. "Going late into the recruiting was a result of us playing so well in the state playoffs."

She added that recruiting combined with basketball obligations has been a grind on Cameron and the family.

"Recruiting is very nuts," she said. "It is a good problem to have, but it's a challenge. I am happy that he has this problem. Still, basketball and recruiting is wearing him down. If he wasn't sick we would be answering some serious questions. I see things he does not see and vice versa on these trips. We are going to sit down when my husband gets back into town and talk seriously about everything."

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