Some Things You Might Not Know

The Georgia men's basketball team has been on a roll lately. They are currently 13-6 on the season and 5-2 in the conference. They defeated two tough teams this week in Kentucky and LSU but now have Tennessee and red-hot Vanderbilt to deal with. Once again the SEC is really strong, but you already knew that, but here are some things that you might not know...

The Georgia men's basketball team has won 5 SEC games this month. That is the most under Dennis Felton. It is also the 2nd month that he has a winning record in the conference...

January 2007: 5-2
January 2006: 2-5
February 2006: 3-4
March 2006: 0-3
January 2005: 1-6
February 2005: 1-6
March 2005: 0-3
January 2004: 2-5
February 2004: 4-3
March 2004: 2-2

These games above count SEC Tournament games

This is Coach Felton's 4th season as Georgia's head coach. He was the head coach at Western Kentucky for 5 seasons. It usually takes Coach a few seasons before the team is used to him...

In the first 2 seasons at WKU and UGA his teams are 48-68.

Starting in his 3rd season, his teams are 104-41.

Takais Brown is one of the big reasons why Georgia has been doing well. He currently leads the Bulldogs in points per game and rebounds per game.

Since the 1959-60 season there has been a handful of Bulldogs to lead their team in both categories.

1998-99: Jumaine Jones
1997-98: Jumaine Jones
1996-97: Michael Chadwick
1989-90: Alec Kessler
1988-89: Alec Kessler
1984-85: Cedric Henderson
1981-82: Dominique Wilkins
1975-76: Jacky Dorsey
1974-75: Jacky Dorsey
1972-73: Tim Bassett
1969-70: Bob Lienhard
1968-69: Bob Lienhard
1967-68: Bob Lienhard
1965-66: Jerry Waller
1959-60: Phillip Simpson

It looks like Tasha Humphrey has found her scoring touch back. In her last 4 games she has been averaging 23.5 points per game. In the 4 games previous to those she was averaging 7.5 points per game.

Freshman Ashley Houts missed 45 seconds of game action on Thursday against Ole Miss. That is the only 45 seconds she has missed in the last 5 games. Other Lady Bulldogs to play 40 minute games this season are Janese Hardrick, Cori Chambers and Megan Darrah.


The Gym Dogs tied Florida on Saturday. That was the 7th tie they have had under Suzanne Yoculan.

2007 vs Florida
2002 vs Stanford
2001 vs Alabama
2000 vs LSU
1997 vs LSU
1996 vs Utah
1988 vs Alabama

Since Wednesday, the Stegeman Coliseum has been very busy. The had games/meets on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Combined 34,665 came through those doors all 4 days... well you can count me 4 times. But a big thank you goes to the event staff and everyone that was involved in running the show.

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