In the Center of it All

Dave Bliss might not have had the best stats against LSU, but his tough play never gets unnoticed. Sunday's big win against the Tigers becaused the Dawgs honored former teammate Kevin Brophy and his family before the game. Dave talks about that and the Bulldogs recent success.

Dave McMahon -- Is Georgia going to play nothing but close games from now on?

Dave Bliss -- Tell you what it looks that way. It is just something that has happened.

DM -- You were on the bench when Levi Stukes basket went down, how crazy was the bench when that was going on?

DB -- We were nervous. We knew we couldn't do much because we weren't out there, but we all have to stick together.

DM -- You were guarding against Glen Davis at times, is he the best big man in the SEC?

DB -- I am sticking with Joakim Noah, but he is really good. He is a lot better condition now.

DM -- Is he better now, too?

DB -- He has improved a lot from previous years.

DM -- Takais Brown hit a 3-pointer in the game, you have one career attempt from 3-pt range... are we going to see you attempt another one?

DB -- Don't know. I guess if the situation is right for it.

DM -- Did you ever make one in high school?

DB -- I think I made 6 or 7 in my senior year.

DM -- Was the way the game ended the perfect way to win for a game that we are honoring Kevin Brophy?

DB -- I think so. It has been great having his family here for the Kentucky game and LSU game.

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