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Larry Munson is the legend. Larry Munson is the greatest.. I agree. But a man that has been doing very well for the last few years has been his broadcast partner, Scott Howard. Whether it is football or basketball, Scott is extremely fun to listen to. He gets very excited and sometimes says a thing or two that is out of the ordinary. With the basketball team red-hot I decided to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- How long have you been broadcasting football and basketball for Georgia?

Scott Howard -- Both sports since 1993 (this is my 14th year).

DM -- Have you broadcasted other sports for Georgia?

SH -- Yes. I called games for the Lady Dogs for 2 or 3 seasons (selected games) and did baseball for 7 years.

DM -- Did you always want to radio or do you want to do TV as well?

SH -- Radio has always been my first choice. I've done a little TV, like filling in as host on a coach's show.

DM -- What was your first radio job at UGA?

SH -- I worked at WUOG, the student station at UGA when I was in college in 1983. My first paying radio job came in 1986 at a country station in middle Georgia. It was less than ideal and only lasted about 4 weeks. I landed another job about 6 weeks later that allowed me to build a great foundation. That was WMVG/WKZR in Milledgeville, Ga. I worked there until early 1989 when I moved to WRFC in Athens. In 1991, I began working at WNGC/WGAU which had acquired the rights to Bulldog sports that year. Then got the opportunity to work on the Network in 1993.

DM -- You also have a talk show in Athens on the FM side that is not all sports... how tough is it for you not to talk about sports?

SH -- Actually, I co-host the afternoon drive program on 106.1, WNGC, an FM country station, with George Mason Dixon. We always squeeze in blurbs about the Bulldogs, but we also talk about goofy stuff in the news, country music, movies, tv and anything else that might be mildly amusing. So, no... it isn't difficult not talking sports.

DM -- Do you remember your first game you ever broadcasted for Georgia?

SH -- The first football game was South Carolina in 1993. That was the game in which Brandon Bennett scored the winning TD with 2 seconds left and Carolina won 23-21. Munson's call was so memorable that many South Carolina fans liked his description better than that of the Gamecocks play by play man, Bob Fulton, who is another legendary voice in college football. I don't remember much about my work that day... I was way too nervous. Going back a few years prior to that however... My first year calling UGA baseball was 1990, the national championship season, which was a real treat. 10 days in Omaha that I'll never forget.

DM -- What was your reaction when somebody told you that you will be working side-by-side with Larry Munson?

SH -- If I can recall correctly, I seemed kind of numbed by it all. It wasn't a shock to know WHO I was working with, but the fact that I was going to get to do it. It has been a great thrill for me to work with one of the all time great college football announcers in the history of the sport.

DM -- Any funny off-the-field stories that we can mention about Larry?

SH -- One that comes to mind was during basketball season. We nearly upset Arkansas in Fayetteville, then were snowed in and had to stay the night. We had already surrendered our hotel rooms prior to the game, then had to go back and try to find enough rooms for everyone in the travel party. The hotel didn't have enough, so Munson, our engineer, Miller Pope and I had to share a room. Needless to say, I was odd man out and had to sleep on the floor. Munson complained (still to this day) about loud snoring that kept him awake. He claimed that Miller and I were in different tones. Meantime, he was up and down, going to the bathroom all night. I was sleeping almost right by the bathroom door. Fortunately, that's the only time we've had to room together on the road... The 'A' material is probably not suitable for all your readers.

DM -- When Larry mentions hobnail boots and other crazy things... what goes through your mind?

SH -- It's just Larry being Larry... Creative, imaginitive, descriptive and... where in the heck did THAT come from?

DM -- What is your favorite Bulldog moment working with him?

SH -- Hobnail boot game at Tennessee... All the wins over Georgia Tech and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans with Coach Richt were all a lot of fun and memorable. Probably that Tennessee game takes the cake, though.

DM -- You are making a name for yourself covering the basketball team... ever think of a Scott Howard's Greatest Calls CD or DVD?

SH -- That's a good one.

DM -- Have you ever seen a stretch of games that the men's basketball team is going through right now?

SH -- It's hard to beat this excitement. Tubby's first season, making the run in the SEC tournament in Memphis, then reaching the Sweet 16, beating Clemson and top seeded Purdue in Albuquerque and then going to Denver and losing a heart-breaker to Syracuse (Should have been a 5-second call on John Wallace on the in-bounds, but the official swallowed his whistle!) Those games were a blast, but as far as the white-knuckle ride we've had recently... well, it's hard to beat.

DM -- Who are some of your favorite broadcasters?

SH -- Always thought the Braves' Ernie Johnson was one of the best. He was so smooth. One of my favorite memories is listening to the Braves on radio at bedtime when they played on the west coast. I would try to stay awake and listen to the game, but usually fell asleep in the middle innings... We lived in Nashville when I was small and Munson was still at Vanderbilt. My dad listened to Larry, but I never caught on until the early and mid 70's, after we had moved back to Georgia. That's when I became a Munson fan.

DM -- Tell me about you possibly being a player for the 1980 National Championship team?

SH -- I came to Georgia in 1980 and wanted to walk on. I had received a few scholarship offers from mostly smaller schools and actually got a late call from Oklahoma, but had already made up my mind to be at UGA. I was an offensive guard and tackle my last two years of high school. I played defense in 9th and 10th grade, but I never saw defense again after we moved from Georgia to Miami in 1977. New school for me and they needed linemen. So, that's the position I tried to play at UGA, as a walk on... a six foot, 225lb lineman... Herschel was bigger than that. Needless to say, I wasn't very fast either. I decided it would be in my best interests to focus on being a college freshman and make that adjustment and not mix in trying to make the football team. I lasted about 2 or 3 weeks, I think, as a tackling dummy, I mean... a walk on. Even though I didn't play ball for the Bulldogs like I thought I wanted to, my four years of college were great and I would trade that experience for anything.

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