Revenge Game

Georgia's women's basketball team is 18-4 overall, but one of those losses was a 57-55 defeat to LSU. Those two will meet again this Thursday. The Lady Bulldogs have a 18-14 advantage in the series, but have lost 6 straight vs the Tigers. Georgia does have a 4-game win streak and in those games, Janese Hardrick has been averaging 10.3 points and 6.8 assists per game. This week I talked to her.

Dave McMahon -- It has always been Georgia and Tennessee in the SEC, but the last few years it has been LSU, too...

Janese Hardrick -- Definitely, coach always points out Georgia, Tennessee and LSU, but reminds us that in this conference anybody can beat anybody.

DM -- Georgia hasn't defeated LSU in their last 6 games, does that make you want the win even more?

JH -- The last game we did pretty well. We came out on fire in the first half, but we started to dwindle towards the end. Now the game is in our house and if we play hard the whole game we can beat them.

DM -- What was the main the reason for the loss?

JH -- We strayed away from our game. Sylvia Fowles played real well. We need to stick better to our plan.

DM -- One girl who has been real hot lately, has been All-American Tasha Humphrey, is she back to where she was?

JH -- This is typical Tasha. Early on she was coming off surgery and it took awhile but she is back. I don't think she is still 100%, but when she gets there she will be herself again.

DM -- What about you... you have been real hot lately, too?

JH -- I think I am at my best. For once I am not hurt and I am in the best shape of my life. I am practicing well and also my defense has stepped up.

DM -- Now if Georgia can only get Cori Chambers shooting well again...

JH -- I think Cori will come back. Shooters don't lose their shot. She just needs to get her confidence back. She has been working hard in practice, so it should come back soon.

DM -- Who has improved the most since day one?

JH -- Probably Christy Marshall. She works hard and her shots have been a lot better. She is learning a lot from Coach Landers.

DM -- Are you and Ashley Houts going to play 37 to 40 minutes every game from now on?

JH -- Coach said he was going to have a rotation, but he said that 3 games ago. I don't playing that much and Ashley probably doesn't mind. We just have to fight through it and catch our breaths whenever we can.

DM -- What does the Lady Bulldogs need to do to win the SEC?

JH -- We need to play hard. I think during the Ole Miss game we stepped it up. I think if we play hard, play defense and get rebounds and we all have to play together then we have a good chance to win the SEC.


Janese Hardrick - in 7 SEC games

9.7 points per game
4.6 rebounds per game
3.0 assists per game
2.6 steals per game

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