King Gets Big News

ATHENS – The last week has been pretty good for Georgia's recruiting efforts.

First Tavarres King picked the Bulldogs over Clemson last Friday. Then, today, the Bulldogs' prize recruit for the Class of 2007, Caleb King, got word that he has the qualifying test score needed to get into Georgia.

"As I understand it Caleb has met the standards he needs to qualify for the NCAA," GAC head coach Jimmy Chupp said today.

King was the only five-star recruit to sign with the Bulldogs. King, who committed to Georgia in the middle of last November has been testing as often as possible to get the score needed.

King's qualifying score comes after his transfer from Parkview to Greater Atlanta Christian for his senior year. King spent two years at Parkview, and before that played as a freshman at Columbia in DeKalb County. King's test score means the Bulldogs will have one of the most talented backfields in the SEC. The slew of running backs on campus next year includes former-starter-but-now-injured Thomas Brown, starter Kregg Lumpkin and the much-talked-about Knowshon Moreno.

King will graduate from GAC tonight. It will end a long journey for one of the most talked-about recruits in the Internet age.

"He has had a lot of support from the folks at GAC. We are really happy for Caleb," Chupp said. "We are glad that he's had great support from the teachers and the administrators at GAC. We are going to celebrate that he's going on to the next journey in his life. You feel real good when the puzzle comes together – and it's come together."

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