The Ladies Turn

The Georgia men's basketball team has been having some amazing finishes in the last few weeks. This time it was the Lady Bulldogs turn. Freshman Ashley Houts nailed a bucket at the buzzer to defeat LSU 53-51. Ashley ended up with just 6 points, but none were bigger than the last 2. The win ended a 6-game losing streak to the Lady Tigers. After the game I had a chance to talk to the game's hero.

Dave McMahon -- After you hit the shot, it seemed like it took forever for the officials to make up their mind, did you know it was good the whole time?

Ashley Houts -- I knew I got it off and all of my teammates knew it was good, too.

DM -- Did you think since the men have had some buzzer beaters as of late, why not you?

AH -- All I knew is that I did not want the game to go into overtime.

DM -- How many shots at the buzzer did you make in high school?

AH -- Not many, but none were as big as this one.

DM -- Why the slow start for Georgia?

AH -- No games against LSU are pretty. They play defense really hard and in it is hard to get in a groove and get a run going. This game is all about getting a lot of runs.

DM -- Coming back like the way you did... is that the most rewarding way to win?

AH -- Any win against a good team is a good win.

DM -- Zero turnovers in the game for you, how important is that to you?

AH -- That is the first thing I look at on the stat sheet. It is important for a point guard to be able to take care of the ball and limit turnovers.

DM -- You now have played 239 of the last 240 minutes, you were knocked down hard a few times tonight, did you feel like you were going to be taken out?

AH -- It will happen I know, but I am not looking forward to it.

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