Richt's son commits to Clemson

ATHENS – Georgia lost an Athens football recruit this week, but Mark Richt didn't care. Jon Richt, the Bulldog head coach's oldest son, committed to play football for Clemson on Thursday.

"It was an exciting day for us as a family," Mark Richt said in a statement. "Jon called the coaches from Clemson and told them he wanted to be a Tiger. They seemed genuinely excited about accepting his commitment. Katharyn and I are very happy for him, and very proud of him."

Jon Richt did not consider playing for his father at Georgia.

"We had already said a long time ago that I wasn't going to play for him just because of what kind of position it would put him and me in with the media and everything else that would go with it," Jon Richt told "He went through what the basics of the decision are and how everything works in the recruiting process. He knows obviously how this whole thing works better than most. He was happy for me just like any other dad would be."

Instead of playing for his father, Jon Richt will play for what must feel like family. Mark Richt worked for Bobby Bowden, the father of Clemson coach Tommy Bowden, for 15 years.

Jon Richt threw of 1,600 yards as a junior last year at Prince Avenue Christian Schools, a Class A school in Athens. He will play there again this year and join the Tigers' recruiting class of 2008.

Georgia and Clemson don't play again until 2013 so the Richts will not have to face each other on the football field.

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