Greenlee coming down to the wire

ATHENS – The biggest and most important recruit Georgia has left is one that's already committed to them.

Antwane Greenlee, a powerful offensive tackle from Hardaway in Columbus, is committed to Georgia, but is pondering Florida State's offer.

"It's coming down to the wire, and I am still committed to Georgia and I plan on signing with them, but Florida State's new offensive line, Rick Trickett, has been really good to me," Greenlee said.

Early playing time won't be a problem at Florida State, Trickett told Greenlee, and that is appealing to the youngster.

"With Florida State's depth chart they are talking about how I can have early playing time," he Columbus native said. "I like Coach Trickett's coaching style; he sends players to the NFL."

Getting to the next level is something Greenlee aspires to. He admitted that he will be leaning on the coach at either Florida State or Georgia to get him to the NFL.

"Getting to the NFL is a big deal to me," the four-star prospect admitted. "I want the coaches that can make me the best that I can be. I have to put in the effort, but I want someone to guide me in getting (to the NFL)."

And while there is no denying that Trickett has peaked Greenlee's interest, Georgia's new offensive line coach Stacy Searels has developed a quality relationship with Greenlee, too.

"I have gotten to know Coach Searles. He's left me tapes of his coaching style, and has showed me the techniques he plans on using," Greenlee said.

Still, the decision has been difficult for Greenlee to make final.

"Both schools have new offensive coordinator, offensive line coaches and both need young offensive linemen to come in and play now. I have talked to both of them a lot. There is nothing more that they can tell me that I don't already know about," he said.

The prep star said his sudden spike in interest in the Seminoles has more to do with Florida State's Trickett than him being uninterested in Georgia or the Bulldogs making him angry.

"Georgia didn't just drop off. I think it's my bond with coach Trickett. That's what's been hard. We hit the ground running," Greenlee said of the pair's relationship.

But, Greenlee said, he will make a final and firm decision very soon.

"It's crazy," he said, "What are we, one or two days from it? I will know where I am going for sure before Signing Day."

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