Two In One Shot

Georgia's men's basketball takes on #1 ranked Florida on Wednesday. Last time the 2 teams played Florida won 67-51 although the Bulldogs led at the half. Senior forward Steve Newman had 10 points in that game which tied for the team lead. He knows that if he has a chance playing in NCAA Tournament for the 1st time the Dawgs need to win big games like this. This week I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- What did you learn the first time you played againt Florida this season that you might not have realized about them?

Steve Newman -- I don't think there was anything we didn't know. I think the young players on the team were motivated that we were up at halftime. We all know we can compete with anybody... we just to finish the games, too.

DM -- Florida is now #1, how sweet of a victory will that be for Georgia?

SN -- It would be a great win, a quality win. It would also help us in the standings and rankings and help us make the tournament.

DM -- Florida has so many wepaons...

SN -- They have 5 starters capable of scoring a lot of points, but we can do.

DM -- It seemed like turnovers was a big problem is the last game with Florida?

SN -- That has been one of our biggest focusses this week. Our goal is always to get more shots. If you limit your turnovers, force more turnovers and get more offensive rebounds you will score more points.

DM -- Being a senior are you telling the young players how important this game is?

SN -- Absolutely. We need as many SEC wins as we can. We need as many quality wins as we can. We have an opportunity to do both in one shot.

DM -- It should be a great crowd, too...

SN -- I hope so. I think it's sold out. It should be a great crowd.

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