1-on-1 with Scott Haverkamp

The biggest need in this year's recruiting class was no doubt the offensive line and Georgia did a great job addressing the issue. All in all, the Bulldogs signed 8 offensive linemen. Some of them are already on campus like Scott Haverkamp. Scott played junior college at Butler Community College. After the press conference today I had a chance to talk to him.

Dave McMahon -- How have you liked Athens so far?

Scott Haverkamp -- I love Athens. I love Georgia. The people and the environment around here is so great.

DM -- A lot nicer weather, too...

SH -- Yeah, it was 8 degrees in Kansas this morning.

DM -- This whole room is pretty full... is this the biggest press conference you have ever been in?

SH -- This is the most people by far.

DM -- Have the coaches told you about which position you are going to play?

SH -- I don't know yet... it will be either guard or tackle.

DM -- Have you played both before?

SH -- I played tackle in high school and guard in junior college.

DM -- You have been in school for about a month now, what is toughest part of school?

SH -- The studying

DM -- What is your toughest class?

SH -- Women's studies

DM -- What else are you taking?

SH -- Physics and Math

DM -- Do you know where all the buses go yet?

SH -- Sometimes I still have to ask.

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