1-on-1 with Tanner Strickland

Georgia's first true commitment this year was Tanner Strickland. He plays on the offensive line, a place that Georgia needs to improve on their depth. Last year in high school, Tanner was ranked the #31 best player in Georgia and the #42 best offensive guard in the nation. After the press conference today I had a chance to talk to Tanner.

Dave McMahon -- How much have you talked to the new offensive line coach at Georgia, Stacy Searles?

Tanner Strickland -- I talk to him. I just had a meeting with him. Everything is good between us.

DM -- Have the coaches talked about a position?

TS -- There is some possibility at center... either that or guard.

DM -- So no more fullback like you did in high school?

TS -- No we have a lot of backs that can do that.

DM -- There is a lot of early enrollees at Georgia this season...

TS -- We all formed a bond. We get along and hang out with each other a lot.

DM -- Toughest part about Georgia so far?

TS -- Getting used to the size of the campus.

DM -- Toughest class?

TS -- Political Science

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