1-on-1 with Corvey Irvin

Georgia did not only get stellar offensive linemen in this year's class, they did very well on the defensive line. One of those players is Corvey Irvin. Corvey is from Augusta, but attended Georgia Military College. After the press conference today I talked to him briefly and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- Why did you choose Georgia?

Corvey Irvin -- Coach Garner

DM -- So you knew Georgia right away then?

CI -- I didn't tell him right away. I was so nervous talking to him.

DM -- What do you best about him?

CI -- He is real. He never sugar coats anything. That's the way I like it. I like people that are real.

DM -- How are your classes so far?

CI -- Pretty good. I have one that is about 300 people in it, but the others have about 30-40 people in it.

DM -- Toughest class?

CI -- Sociology

DM -- There is a big picture of Uga behind you... do you have one of those in your room?

CI -- Not yet, but I do have a big 'G'.

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