1-on-1 with Justin Anderson

Georgia got a big boost in recruiting last season when they signed Justin Anderson. But Bean had to go to Hargraves instead. The Bulldogs got more good news when he decided to sign again. Even more good news is that he has enrolled early and is part of the team already. After the press conference today I had a chance to talk to the All-American.

Dave McMahon -- After you signed with Georgia the first time, did you ever think about signing with another school?

Justin Anderson -- No way.

DM -- Tell me about your experience at Hargraves?

JA -- Get up at six. Get in full uniform. Formation march to breakfast. More marching, more marching.

DM -- Since it was so tough there, do you tell recruits that might have to go there if their grades are not good enough to watch out?

JA -- Sometimes

DM -- How is school?

JA -- It's tough. I hate math.

DM -- Any class you do like?

JA -- I like English.

DM -- Ready for all the matt drills?

JA -- It is going to be tough, but I am ready for the challenge.

DM -- Have the coaches talked to you about what position you will be playing?

JA -- It doesn't matter. I will play anywhere to help the team.

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