Taking Us Out Once Again

Georgia baseball starts again on Friday and the Bulldogs are looking to go to the College World Series for the third time in four seasons. It also means something else. Once again, Dawg fans of all ages get to hear the vocal talents of one "Diamond" Dave Williams during the 7th inning stretch. But Dave is much more than a singer which you will soon find out.

Dave McMahon -- Big day on Friday, how is your voice?

Dave Williams -- It is ready. I've been drinking hot tea and practice singing in the shower. I am ready. Also this season the singing will be sponsored and you can also hear it live during the radio broadcast.

DM -- How long have you been singing the 7th inning stretch at Georgia baseball games?

DW -- 3-4 years

DM -- How did you get started in singing the song at games?

DW -- We used to just have a recording of Harry Carey on tape, but one day the tape got jammed and it didn't work. So I said, "I'll do it" and after everyone else laughed, they let me do it and I sounded OK and that was that.

DM -- Ever a singer in a band before?

DW -- No

DM -- If you had to choose a band to sing with, which band would it be?

DW -- I don't know too many of the modern bands. I would have liked to be the 5th Beattle.

DM -- I noticed once again, there is a game on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, does Georgia schedule a game on that day for you?

DW -- My singing in spanish just came about. I knew a little spanish from high school. So I decided to add some espanol to the song. I don't know other languages, but I bet some fans wish I did the song in sign language.

DM -- One of your other 'talents' is acting... are you upset that they did not nominate you for Best Supporting Actor in the Oscars for your role in "We Are... Marshall"?

DW -- I think the Oscars was a long shot, but maybe I had a chance with the Golden Globes.

DM -- How did you get involved with that movie?

DW -- I saw that they were having open casting for extras in Atlanta so I filled out all the forms and then I got a call saying that they wanted me to be an assistant coach. I thought they made a mistake and I told them I was not an actor, but they took a chance. It was a great experience.

DM -- Off the set, didn't your co-star Matthew McConaughey and you talked some Georgia football together?

DW -- First thing he said to me was, 'Hey, you're Georgia, right?" and I knew he was a big Texas fan and then he asked me "How did you guys steal Matthew Stafford from us?"

DM -- You were also a Georgia football player, too...

DW -- My dad was an athlete at Georgia and all I wanted to be was an athlete at Georgia, but I wasn't that big nor fast, but I knew Coach Dooley and Coach Ayres, who was the freshmen coach at the time. I was so happy to wear the red and black and play between the hedges.

DM -- You also beat Buck Belue in high school right?

DW -- Back when Buck played for Valdosta, he played my school, Clarke Central for the championship during my senior year. It was brutally cold. It was our version of The Ice Bowl. We won 16-14. We later were on the same team at Georgia. Buck is a lot better and more talented than me.

DM -- How many different jobs at the University of Georgia have you had?

DW -- My first job I had was a bat boy for Coach Whatley's baseball team back in the late 60's. He would pay me in cracked bats from the games. After I graduated, I became an intern for the Bulldog Club in the athletic association. I later worked as the Director of Information in the Pharmacy school. Then I was the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations with Claude McBride. I then went back to the athletic association and worked in the ticket office, then the business office and now I have worked in Event Management for 7 years.

DM -- So, you were a bat boy, the great Dan Magill was a Georgia bat boy, anyone else we know was a Georgia bat boy?

DW -- I don't think so, but Kim Basinger used to pick up trash at the Georgia tennis courts when she was a young girl, she doesn't do that now.

DM -- Who has been to more Georgia sporting events... you, Sports Communications Director and Associate AD Claude Felton, or the Director of Marketing John Bateman?

DW -- It has got to be me. I have been going to games since I can walk.

DM -- Greatest Georgia game you have been to?

DW -- I have been to 1,000s of games, but some of the best are the Sugar Bowl when we won the National Championship, the 'flea flicker' game which I don't remember too much but I got the ticket stub and probably the Coastal Carolina baseball game when Jeff Keppinger hit 3 home runs in the regionals.

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