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Last year Georgia advanced to the College World Series for the 2nd time in 3 years. They also lost a lot of great hitters such as Josh Morris, Joey Side, Bobby Felmy and Jason Jacobs. Most of the power is gone, but there is help on the way. One player supposed to help out is catcher, Joey Lewis. The 6'4", 220 lb freshman was a Baseball America HS Top 50 player. This week I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- How ready are you to get this season started?

Joey Lewis -- I haven't been able to sit still. I am so excited.

DM -- And it is a tough task starting with the defending champions, Oregon State?

JL -- I don't look at the teams. It is just Oregon State. They won the title last year and this is this year.

DM -- How much did you watch the College World Series last year?

JL -- Every game I could. Some of them I couldn't because I playing some games in the summer.

DM -- Georgia had a lot of great hitters that are no longer on the team, you are one of the players that are supposed to help out and supply power this year... do you feel extra pressure?

JL -- No. Our team will hit fine. We have many players on this team that can hit the long ball.

DM -- Who have we seen in practice that looks like can supply the power that we might not know?

JL -- I think Matt Cerione is one. He has sneaky power.

DM -- What have you worked on the most with Coach Perno?

JL -- My defense. I have been practicing blocking pitches a lot. The curve balls and sliders in college are so much better in college. That's a big adjustment for me.

DM -- So do you think you will be playing mostly catcher this year compared to other positions that you can play?

JL -- Mostly catcher, maybe DH, Jake Crane will catch, too.

DM -- How many games have you seen played at Foley Field?

JL -- I saw the opener last year and all the FSU / Georgia games in the regionals.

DM -- In football a lot of the freshmen got their heads shaved... you have a lot of hair... how glad are you that baseball doesn't have the same tradition?

JL -- I am so glad. I have a set of ears on me. I think they had that tradition for baseball last year. Hopefully they won't bring it back.

DM -- Favorite catcher of all time?

JL -- Johnny Bench


Joey Lewis - Starr's Mill High School Stats

Senior - .506 AVG, 14 HR, 45 RBI, 46 Runs, 30 Walks, 81 At-bats, 7 Strikeouts
Junior - .341 AVG, 8 HR, 19 RBI
Sophomore - .342 AVG, 8 HR, 27 RBI

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