Not Enough

The 2007 Georgia baseball season for the most part did not resemble any of ways of the 2006 season. For one Georgia allowed 10 walks and 3 errors and All-American closer Joshua Fields gave up 6 runs, 5 earned in a 10-8 loss to Oregon State. One bright spot for the Bulldogs was Gordon Beckham who hit 2 home runs and drove in 4 runs. After the game I talked to the shortstop about the loss.

Dave McMahon -- Crazy way to start the season...

Gordon Beckham -- I thought we had enough. I hit 2 home runs, but it wasn't enough.

DM -- How quickly do you forget about a game like this?

GB -- Right now. Good or bad we forget about the game as soon as it's over.

DM -- Some of the freshmen in the infield made some errors, did you talk to them in the field or in the dugout?

GB -- I said a little something. They played a little tentitive. They need to relax. The young guys are just getting their feet wet. They will be fine. They are just getting the jitters out.

DM -- Even though you are a sophomore, are you taking the role as a leader?

GB -- I think so. I kind of have to be. We have some many new guys.

DM -- When was your last 2 home run game?

GB -- I think it was during my senior year in high school.

DM -- Are you bigger this year than last year?

GB -- About 10-12 pounds.

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