The First One

For the 2nd straight game, the Georgia Bulldogs baseball team blew a lead in the late innings. This time they allowed 7 runs in the 8th inning and lost to Oregon State 7-3. Georgia had some bright spots as Johnathan Wyatt and Luke Stewart hit home runs. It was freshman Luke Stewart's first career hit and as right now his only hit. After the game I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- It has been a pretty tough couple of games for Georgia...

Luke Stewart -- We have to stay positive. We know we are playing a very tough schedule and can't win them all, but we will be around at the end.

DM -- But tomorrow is another day...

LS -- That is exactly right.

DM -- How did it feel getting your first home run?

LS -- It was a monkey off my back. I just put the ball on the barrell of the bat.

DM -- You are from Illinois, anyone come down to see you play?

LS -- My family was here. My mom and dad and my little brother. Also my grandparents were here, they live in Marietta.

DM -- You've got just one hit, but you've been hitting the ball hard in a lot of at-bats...

LS -- That always happens in baseball. You just have to hit hard and get the barrell on the ball. I did that with my last 2 at-bats today.

DM -- How much do you work with Coach Sisson?

LS -- About an hour a day. My swing is better now. All of us believe in what he teaches. We might not be hitting well right now, but we will be.

DM -- What about your fielding... it hasn't been so hot...

LS -- Maybe we were overally excited. That's what happens when you have a lot of new guys. Yesterday I think we had 5 out there, today 4. We just need to relax.

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