Thinking First

The Georgia baseball team struggled this past weekend and was swept by the defending champions. Oregon State dominated the late innings to win all 3 games. One of the players who struggled at the plate for the Bulldogs was first baseman Ryan Peisel. Ryan went 1-for-12 over the weekend. Today I talked to the senior about the games, his switch to first base and a lot more.

Dave McMahon -- After a weekend like what Georgia had last week, do you forget about the games or remember them and use them for motivation?

Ryan Peisel -- A little bit of both. We have to think positive. We made a lot of mistakes, but we went right back to work this week to work them out.

DM -- Being one of the only seniors, did you talk to some of the young players about what happened?

RP -- They know what's going on. But we are always there to help them and basically understand the college game compared to the high school game. The college game is more mental. Basically all the players are about the same level and have the same tools.

DM -- You are playing first now, last year you were at third, was first base where you played when you were at East Carolina?

RP -- Yes

DM -- Where do you feel more comfortable?

RP -- It all depends. I guess first since I played it longer.

DM -- You struggled the first 3 games hitting... last year you struggled in the beginning as well before coming on strong at the end... are you a slow starter?

RP -- It was one of those things. No one wants to start slow. I just needed to make some minor adjustments.

DM -- You don't have another game for another week... is this too long of a break?

RP -- After what happened in the first few games, we just wanted to be out there right away. But then it is nice to focus on what we did wrong and try to improve it. We will be ready next week against Mercer.


Georgia baseball schedule - next few weeks

February 21 - at Mercer
Feb 23-25 - vs Purdue
February 27 - vs Winthrop
March 2-4 0 vs Southern Cal

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