NJ WR would love to hear more from Dawgs

A Pemberton, N.J., native with family in Atlanta, Derek Gould has driven around parts of the University of Georgia campus and likes what he sees. The junior receiver also has been corresponding with the Georgia staff, but they have not yet paid him a visit. But other big-time schools have.

Matthew Borenstein: How have things been going?

Derek Gould: Things have been going well. I am finishing up playing basketball and started prepping for those combines.

MB: What schools have you visited?

DG: Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers.

MB: What about Georgia?

DG: I am real interested. I wrote and called. They sent me a questionnaire and I have gotten a couple letters.

MB: What's the interest in Georgia?

DG: I got a lot of family down there (in Atlanta). I did a little follow-up and like the area. I've been down there and been outside of the campus. I like the type of offense and they got a real good offensive coordinator.

MB: What schools have you been hearing from?

DG: Miami, Northwestern, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Penn State, Ohio State, Virgina is coming soon, Pittsburgh and a couple on the west coast.

MB: Have you narrowed your list?

DG: Yeah, my top five are Georgia, Georgia Tech, Miami, Pitt and Connecticut. Ohio State and Penn State are further down the list.

MB: Have you made any visits?

DG: Only an unofficial to Rutgers, an hour and 20 minutes from home.

MB: Are you attending any junior days?

DG: Rutgers on March 3.

MB: Have you heard about Georgia's junior day?

DG: No, nothing about it.

MB: Do you have any offers?

DG: No.

MB: Are you attending any camps?

DG: Yes, Pittsburg, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Temple and the Offense/Defense Camp in Philadelphia.

MB: What do you look for in a school?

DG: The facilities help. And a good coaching staff. I look at the whole surrounding area and make sure I feel comfortable around the teammates.

MB: Do you want to commit early?

DG: Definitely yeah. I want to commit to my first or second offer from any of my top five that offer.

MB: How did last season go?

DG: It went by pretty good. We ran offense that mainly ran and the pass game was iffy with a first-year starting quarterback. I had 33 catches for 380 yards and four TDs. I was first team All-Conference.

MB: How's basketball season going?

DG: It's going real well. We started 1-9, but made the playoffs back at .500. It's going real nice.

MB: What are you looking forward to next year?

DG: I just want to get out there and show some senior leadership and make things happen. I want to win an state championship for not only myself, but also my coach.

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