Replacing Mike - Part II

Wednesday was the first game for the men's basketball team without Mike Mercer and the Dawgs looked very sloppy. Georgia actually trailed the 11-16 Kennesaw State Owls by 6 late in the game, but the Bulldogs pulled it out 75-66. Billy Humphrey got the start in place of Mercer and played a career-high 34 minutes. After the game I talked to the guard about his performance and the teams.

Dave McMahon -- What was the deal tonight with Kennesaw State?

Billy Humphrey -- We weren't playing smart. We got away from our game plan very early and did not play smart.

DM -- Georgia had 18 turnovers tonight included 11 in the first half, was it the offense not working or their defense?

BH -- A little bit of both. They played aggressive, but we didn't handle the ball well. I probably had the most turnovers I've had in a long time.

DM -- Ronell Wooten scored 25 against the team, he was hitting everything...

BH -- We know what kind of player he was. Coach told us he was a good shooter. Once he got going tonight, he really got going.

DM -- Does he remind you of any other player in the SEC?

BH -- I don't think so.

DM -- You and Terrance Woodbury are going to play more minutes now that Mike Mercer is out, how would you rate you and his performance tonight?

BH -- I think overall nobody played as well as they could. I know I did not play well. I might of came out a little timid.


Billy Humphrey - Stats vs Kennesaw State

34 minutes
7 points
3-6 field goals
1-2 3-pt field goals
1 rebound
2 assists
3 steals
4 turnovers

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