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The baseball team struggled last weekend and was swept by Oregon State. One of the problems was a lack of clutch hitting. One player that did that last year was Joey Side. In 2006, Joey hit .352 and had 13 homers and 54 RBI. He also added 20 doubles and 9 triples. Last June he was drafted in the 6th round by D'Backs. In 56 games he batted .267. He will head back soon, but first I talked to him.

Dave McMahon -- When do you have to report back with the Diamondbacks?

Joey Side -- Three weeks from yesterday. I will go up on the 7th, but I don't have to be there until the 10th.

DM -- Do you know which level you will be playing this season?

JS -- No, I am not sure yet. I am going to Tucson and they will tell me then.

DM -- What did you learn the most from your first few months in the minors last year?

JS -- One of the biggest things is that it is not really a team game like college. Even the coaches think individually sometimes. Everyone wants to move up and can on any day.

DM -- You played with former Georgia teammate Brooks Brown last year in the minors, how did he do?

JS -- He only got to pitch about once a week. He started slow, but he got a lot better as the season went on. He reports this week to camp.

DM -- You always hear about crazy road trips in the minors, are they true?

JS -- They are not as bad as they say. We don't have a crappy bus, we have a nice bus. But we will go on 6-7 series on a road at a time. The worst part is sometimes we get back on a trip at 7-8 o'clock in the morning and then have to play that night.

DM -- What have you done since your season ended?

JS -- Coach gave us 2-3 months off. So I started working out again in December and I have been working out all the time now.

DM -- Did you go to any of the Bulldog games last weekend?

JS -- I was at all three. I was in the dugout for the first game and then I sat in the stands with my dad for the other two.

DM -- Obviously there were a lot of great regional and super regional games, but what Georgia baseball games do you remember the most?

JS -- My freshman year, we went out to Florida and swept them. Georgia has never done that before. I always had a huge series offensively, too. We did the same thing this past year, too.

DM -- What Georgia game from other sports do you remember going to?

JS -- Well, I wasn't there, but I remember watching it. When Greenie was a redshirt freshman and when he beat Tennessee up there on a pass to Verron Haynes in the closing seconds. I went to high school with him and I remember watching him march the ball down the field after they scored and he led the Bulldogs to victory.

DM -- What are you going to miss most about the Georgia games?

JS -- I love everything about the atmosphere. I will miss the players and the coaches. Just being here the first few games was tough.


Joey Side - 2006 stats

at Georgia

70 games
.352 average
111/315 at-bats/hits
57 runs
20 doubles
9 triples
13 home runs
54 rbi
7 stolen bases

at Yakima (D'backs short-season A ball)

56 games
.267 average
58/217 at-bats/hits
36 runs
14 doubles
2 triples
2 home runs
20 rbi
2 stolen bases

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