Jackson happy to visit for Dawg's Junior Day

Running back Dontavius Jackson knows Georgia sends its backs to the next level. And that has the Heard County junior interested in Georgia. He's not worried that there might be some big name backs in front of him. Bring on the competition, he said. And he will be on campus this weekend for junior day.

Matthew Borenstein: How have things been going for you?

Dontavius Jackson: They've been going all right. I got three offers. Kentucky, Florida and Georgia Tech.

MB: What about Georgia? Are you interested?

DJ: Yes sir. They got there junior day Saturday and I am going.

MB: What will you be looking at at Georgia on junior day?

DJ: See what kind of atmosphere they have and how the coaches are.

MB: Have you spoken to any of the Georgia coaches?

DJ: No sir.

MB: What do you like about Georgia?

DJ: How they are consistent every year.

MB: Who have you been hearing from the most?

DJ: I get a lot of mail from a lot of schools.

MB: Have any been calling or showing more interest?

DJ: Now most schools are pretty interested.

MB: Do you have a top three or top five?

DJ: Right now all the schools are the same.

MB: What are you looking for in a school?

DJ: Playing time, the atmosphere and an education.

MB: Have you taken any visits?

DJ: No sir. I went to Tech's junior day.

MB: Are you going to any other junior days?

DJ: Some in this area.

MB: Any camps set yet?

DJ: Not yet. I have got some I will be going to.

MB: Do you have a timeline for when you want to commit?

DJ: I want to hold out, but I am on the verge of leaving school early. I am going to graduate early.

MB: Are you going to enroll early?

DJ: Yes sir.

MB: Are you looking to state in state or close to home?

DJ: It really doesn't matter.

MB: What are your goals for next football season?

DJ: To do better than what we did this season.

MB: How did this year go?

DJ: It went real great. We had the first 10-0 regular season record in school history.

MB: How did you do?

DJ: I think I did real good. I got a lot of my goals and contributed a lot.

MB: What do your off-season workouts consist of?

DJ: They consist of agility work and lifting weights.

MB: Why is Georgia one of the schools you are looking at?

DJ: It's a good team all-around. They always send backs to the next level.

MB: Are you worried they have too many backs?

DJ: I am concerned a little but its like that everywhere you go. You got to compete.

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