Dublin's McRae travels to Georgia junior day

ATHENS – Nick McCrae talks about his day in Athens yesterday at Georgia's junior day event.

Quentin Grant: How was the junior day?

Nick McCrae: I liked it. I had never been there before. The stadium was awesome – I loved that. The coaches were real nice. I liked them a lot. Coach Martinez is the recruiting coordinator for my area.

QG: What did you think of Martinez?

NM: He was real cool.

QG: You have plans for the spring?

NM: I am going to South Carolina's junior day on March 3rd. I went to Tech's junior day a coupe of weeks ago.

Quentin Grant: What schools are you hearing from right now?

Nick McCrae: Georgia Tech, Georgia, Vanderbilt and South Carolina – for the most part.

QG: Any offers yet?

NM: Not yet.

QG: Do you have a dream school – a school that you would love to go to?

NM: It does not really matter to me as long as they have the academics I am looking for. As long as they have that I will love it there.

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