Kennedy/CES Combine Review: Grant's O & O

ATLANTA - Just like everyone else I was extremely impressed by the level of talent at the Kennedy/CES combine. Here is a quick look at just a handful of juniors who attended, and stuck out to me the most.


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Everyone is telling the truth when they talk about the number of amazing performances by various athletes yesterday. There were so many quality athletes present that I've taken the better part of a day to organize my thoughts. What I have come up with is my own personal list of the kids who impressed me the most.

I should probably preface this by saying the majority of my day was spent at the start line of the 40 yard dash. I wanted to be able to watch all five groups run and to me the start is just as important as their finishing time. I was also able to talk to a lot of these kids in between their drill work. It was a great time to form relationships with kids people will want to know everything about in the coming months. This list is compiled by my own eyes and the conversations I had with the players there. The list is not in any particular order.

James Searcy
Defensive end

Searcy was in the first group of the day running the forty. He's an impressive looking athlete with a great build. He did not run the most graceful forty of the day, but when he ran you could see him in pads running after a quarterback. He was the best looking lineman I saw running throughout the day. He looked extremely powerful while he was running, and was a great kid to have a conversation with. He was extremely respectful and I wouldn't be surprised if he receives his first offer very soon.

Deron Furr

Furr did not participate in the combine and said he was there watching just to get the feel for what a combine was like. He was without a doubt a kid who just stood out. I wish we could have seen what he could do in the various drills, but even in street clothes this kid screamed ATHLETE. It's hard to believe he is a quarterback when he's built more like a defensive end. I'll be looking forward to seeing what he does on the field in 2007.

David Noel
Offensive tackle

Noel was the first kid of the day I had a chance to speak with. He was extremely humble even though he had calves the size of most people's quads. Noel was built like a tree trunk and ran very powerfully. He seemed very high on Georgia and was extremely impressed with their junior day. I also spoke with his coach and he has excellent grades and a solid test score. The only knock on him may be his height, but otherwise he seems to have all the tools.

Nick McRae

McRae seemed to be a very raw athlete with nothing but upside. He was one of the more imposing kids there yesterday and seemed very impressed with Georgia's junior day. I think this kid is just coming into his own and will probably be a player that just gets better and better.

AJ Harmon
Defensive tackle
Jefferson County

I'm not going to say a whole lot about Harmon because most of you already know the deal. He's a stud, he was wearing UGA basketball shorts, you fill in the blanks, enough said.

Dontavious Jackson
Running back
Heard County

Jackson has really burst onto the scene recently, but the kid did go for almost 2,500 yards last year and 29 touchdowns. He's built as if you were creating your prototypical running back on a video game. You all know by now that he posted back to back 4.44 forty times. What you may not know is that he did this in tennis shoes. As the day went on more and more kids were wearing track shoes with spikes and borrowing them from others. Jackson was in one of the first groups of the day and he didn't have this advantage. Who knows what he could have done? I know there were some 4.3's run yesterday but I didn't see anyone look any faster than Jackson. By the way the kid's got a forty inch vertical. What I liked most about Jackson was his attitude. Great forty time and vertical jump aside he's just a great kid to talk to. He's humble and has a great personality. His face lit up when we talked about his visit to Georgia, and I think the Dawgs are in good standing with him.

A personal note that I wanted to add is that a kid's attitude is just as important to me as his height, weight, and stats. When I mention these kids above let me express how fun they were to talk to, and how they all seemed like good kids. Whoever gets these kids to commit in the coming months will definitely be better for it.

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