Bacarri loves Dawgs but not "fully committed"

Bacarri Rambo has not fully committed to Georgia – yet.

Seminole County Head Coach Alan Ingram clarified Rambo's intentions saying that while Georgia would continue to be the leader they do not have their newest full commitment, yet.

"I would say that he is a soft commitment," said Ingram said. "He's a country boy, and I think he didn't quite make clear what he wanted to say to the Georgia coaches. Georgia is still number one on his list and very high up there, but he's not ready to commit yet."

Ingram said he talked with Georgia's coaching staff and that the Bulldogs are aware and understand the situation.

"Coach Bobo and Coach Richt are not going to pressure Bacarri," Ingram said. "I talked with Coach Bobo today and he's fine with what's going on – the Georgia coaches are fine with it."

A scheduling mistake lead Rambo to Athens in the first place. He was supposed to compete in the Kennedy/Competitive Edge Sports Combine in Metro Atlanta on Sunday, but got the dates confused and headed north on Saturday. While that far north, Ingram got on the phone and suggested a detour to Athens for Rambo and his father.

"He didn't go up north to go to Athens for the junior day, he went up to go to the combine," Ingram confirmed. "His dad took him there and on the way back he decided to give me a call. I called Coach Bobo, and Mike invited Rambo up to come to the junior day in Athens."

Bobo's invitation turned out to be a great thing for Georgia.

"I had no idea that they would offer him," Ingram said. "Bobo didn't know about him. I told Coach Lamb to get someone down as soon as possible to talk with Rambo about Georgia – if they were interested. He got the film late this week and I am sure Georgia must have been impressed."

Ingram said Tuesday that Georgia was surprised that Rambo was so eager about Georgia – it was something they did not expect, but were glad for. That's one reason Ingram thinks the Bulldogs will still end up with Rambo.

"He still wants to be a Bulldog – about 90% sure – but he's not quite ready to be fully committed. He didn't know all it takes to be committed. It's like the preacher call you to the pulpit – you need to think about it," Ingram said.

Georgia may be the leader, but Alabama has already contacted Ingram about Rambo.

"He wants to see what other schools have to offer out there," Ingram said. "But I would make a bet that he will still wind up at Georgia."

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