Brewster hearing from the Big Boys

Offensive linemen Michael Brewster of Orlando, FL, has most of the big boys calling. And offering, too. But Georgia is just calling. Brewster, who recently received a call and offer from Southern Cal, is still waiting for the Bulldog coaching staff to offer him a scholarship. It looks like he will have plenty of schools to choose from.

Matthew A. Borenstein: How have things been going for you, recruiting wise?

Michael Brewster: Ever since signing day, things are starting to get more serious. People are zeroing in on me. It's been picking up a lot lately.

MAB: Who have you been hearing from?

MB: Ohio State's been very serious. Also, Florida, Alabama, USC (Southern Cal) just called and offered and I talked to Oklahoma this weekend. I'm, still waiting to hear from Georgia. I will ask my coach to get in touch with them. I've heard from Miami and Notre Dame too.

MAB: Where do you have offers from?

MB: Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, USC. I am still waiting on Georgia. I haven't been offered by them. Also Alabama and Notre Dame. I'm trying to cut the list down, but I am also trying to give everyone a chance. Virginia's in there too, but no offer.

MAB: Has it been hard?

MB: Yeah, you see something in every one you like. I told Clemson no over the weekend. That was one of the first. It's hard on me and getting harder as I get close to people. It's one thing I am not looking forward too.

MAB: Do you have a top five list yet?

MB: No. I will make a list after spring football. I will take all five visits for sure.

MAB: Have you had any contact with Georgia coaches?

MB: No, in the spring one came and took my name. I haven't been in direct contact. I just finished my highlight tape and will send them it and have my coach call.

MAB: So, you are considering Georgia?

MB: Yeah, definitely. I've heard tons of good things.

MAB: Any junior day visits upcoming?

MB: No, because I want to focus on my season. I am going to Florida and Ohio State's pro day — my only two unofficial visits right now.

MAB: Have you taken any visits yet?

MB: No. I went to Florida State to visit my borther.

MAB: How about any camps this summer?

MB: No camps. I am all camped out. I am going to stay home and work out with my team to get ready for the season.

MAB: What are you looking forward to next season?

MB: I've always been on varsity, but been a younger guy. I'm most looking forward to leading the team and being captain.

MAB: How did last season go for you?

MB: I feel like I did awesome. It was my first season at left tackle and I gave up no sacks — one of my goals. But there's always room for improvement. I want to be the best player in Florida at my position and one of the best in the nation.

MAB: Did you play basketball or any other sports?

MB: I played basketball, but we got knocked out early. We went 23-4.

MAB: What are you looking for in a school?

MB: First, I want a good relationship my position coach. I want to get along with him well. I want a winning program. And a school where I feel at home. Football's only part of the year. You got to like the campus?

MAB: Have you started your off-season lifting?

MB: I've been lifting all basketball season since football ended. I have good trainers working me real hard. Now that basketball's over, it's time to push it to the next level.

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