Dawgs must use option against Carolina

Georgia is going to have to use the option attack to exploit an obvious Gamecock weakness.

I hate the stereotypical thinking on black quarterbacks.

"They can only run with the ball; they can't throw it."

It is as silly as believing that wearing special uniforms will help teams play better or worse. The color on the outside makes no difference.

However, against South Carolina, Georgia is going to have to use the option attack to exploit an obvious Gamecock weakness. And while David Greene is going to be the starter going into Columbia, Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt needs to use the option with Freshman DJ Shockley against South Carolina.

This is not to say that David Greene could not run the option, he could. But lets face it, Greene is a passer, his is no Ray Goff. Teams do not fear Greene's legs; it's his arm that they are worried about. He should be used in traditional drives against Carolina.

But every now and then, particularly inside of the 20 or perhaps on a 2nd and 3, Georgia should bring Shockley in and let him run the option with Tony Milton. Save Musa Smith for the regular running game, give Milton the chance to grab some yards against the, what looks like, porous Carolina Defense.

Why? There are several reasons.

Lets face it, DJ Shockley can flat move. He showed that in the 2002 spring game and he proved it last Saturday night against Clemson. This means that he is a real threat to South Carolina in terms of actually keeping the ball on the option. Shockley must be utilized the same way that New Mexico State used its quarterback; by running the option and then burning the Cocks with the pass. 

I am not suggesting bringing back the Jim Donnan "Quincy Carter option" where Carter would take it down the line for a second or two and then pitch it. Nor am I suggesting Terrence Edwards be brought in for the "Hines Ward package."

What I am suggestion is that Richt take Shockley and allow Carolina to get used to the feeling that he will be exclusively running the ball. And just when the time is right, for Shockley to pull up out of the option and throw one of those Army-Navy touchdowns to Gibson or Edwards.

It will work; ask New Mexico State. The Aggies repeatedly sealed Carolina cornerbacks on option plays, opening up huge tracks of green space for New Mexico State's quarterback and tailbacks to run through.

Not to mention that New Mexico State, a future opponent of Georgia's, racked up an absurd 419 yards of offense on the usually stout Gamecock defense.

How could they do that? The option exploits undisciplined defenses, and right now, that's what South Carolina is.

Dean Legge has been covering Georgia football for over four years. He is the publisher for Dawg Post He can be reached here: dean@dawgpost.com

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