Tech on Sylvester the most

Union Grove junior Steven Sylvester understands that he will have to give up carrying the ball and solely play linebacker in college. It's something he is fine with, especially if he gets play close to home. His top five schools are all near by, and he already has offers from three of them. After his spring practice, another one could be coming.

Matthew Borenstein: How have things been going for you?

Steven Sylvester: They've been going pretty well. Things have started to pick up now that this year's class has signed.

MB: Who have you been hearing from lately?

SS: Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Florida State and Alabama.

MB: Who's been calling and around the most?

SS: Georgia Tech, mostly because they are the closest.


What about Georgia, what do you like about the school?

SS: I like them because they are close to home and I like the style they play. I've been talking to coach Martinez and coach Jancek.

MB: What have the Georgia coaches been saying to you?

SS: They like me and want me at Georgia and told me I could play there.

MB: What are your top five schools right now?

SS: Georgia Tech, Florida State, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

MB: Where do you have offers from?

SS: Georgia Tech, Florida State and South Carolina.

MB: Have you been to any junior days yet?

SS: Georgia Tech and Georgia and I am going to Alabama on Saturday.

MB: Has Georgia said anything about when they will offer?

SS: They are going to come to my spring practice and evaluate me at linebacker. Based on that, I will get an offer.

MB: Do you have a timeline for when you want to commit?

SS: The earliest would be at the end of the summer, but I may wait until February.

MB: Do you have any camps line up?

SS: Not yet, but I am sure I will.

MB: What are you looking for in a school?

SS: Academics, how close it is to home and playing time.

MB: What are your plans for your senor year?

SS: Just to state myself as a linebacker and show that I can play both ways.

MB: Are you disappointed that you won't play running back at the next level?

SS: Not really. I knew it was coming if I kept growing. I am ready for it.

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