Dawgs offer Simmons, but Tide and Gators lead

Georgia may be a little tardy getting into the race, but they are in it now.

Darrell Simmons, a defensive back from Bannaker just got an attractive offer from an in-state school – Georgia.

"I am feeling good because Georgia was my eighth offer," he said. "I was not getting any offers from in-state until just now."

Before the Dawgs' offer, out-of-state schools, many of them Georgia's rivals, have been after Simmons. A who's who of football powers have already lined up to offer him a scholarship.

"Virginia Tech, Purdue, Duke, Maryland, Auburn, Florida and Alabama have all offered," he acknowledged.

The Bulldogs are already behind in the race as the other schools have gotten an upper hand by getting in early – two in particular.

"Right now Florida and Alabama are leading," Simmons confirmed. "I visited Bama Saturday and I fell in love with the place. It was like I had never seen. Coach Saban and I talked for like 30 minutes. He told me about the success he's had putting secondary guys in the NFL. Coach Meyer and I had a good talk, too. After they won the national title – that makes them big to me. I want to be around something like that. We've not done that sort of thing here at Bannaker."

However, it was an ACC power that got on Simmons first.

"Virginia Tech is in the mix because they offered me in my tenth grade year," he said.

Still, the Bulldogs have two things going for them other schools don't: Georgia is in-state and a former Bannaker star made good while at Georgia.

"I am not trying to go too far, so the fact that Georgia offered matters. It matters, too, that guys like Greg Blue have played there," he said.

"Greg told me that playing at Georgia can get you a lot of places, not just athletically but academically, too," Simmons added. "I had not talked with Greg in about a year, but he came to my school last week. He asked if I had gotten an offer from Georgia, yet and I said no. Still he told me to see what was up and that Georgia was a great to be at."

A few days later an envelope from Georgia came in the mail.

"They sent me a letter. I thought it was a questionnaire at first, but then I read it and it was an offer," he said. "We are going to take a look at Georgia real hard and make a decision in August some time."

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