Media and fans won't decide QB for Richt

The phrase "quarterback controversy" has been ringing in Mark Richt's ears for a long time now.

The phrase "quarterback controversy" has been ringing in Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt's ears for a long time now. And even though Freshman DJ Shockley proved a valuable asset in Georgia's 31-28 win over Clemson, Richt maintains that there is not controversy.

"I know what David Greene can do as a ball player."

Richt pointed out that David Greene, the starting quarterback, did not have his usual impressive game. Greene was 12 for 21 for only 67 yards. He also had one touchdown and interception.

"There is going to be a game where people say, ‘Greene played a whole lot better than Shockley.' Greene is going to have better performances than he had on Saturday."

Shockley threw only 4 times, but completed three of those passes for 50 yards and a touchdown.

"Shockley came off of the bench and gave us some life on that touchdown pass and we were right back in it."

Richt is standing by David Greene as his starter. He pointed out that no matter who the starting quarterback is, that player will always under the microscope.

"No matter if there is a two-quarterback system or not, that quarterback is always going to be the object of criticism. If we allow the fans or the media to pick the starting quarterback we got a problem"

Dean Legge has been covering Georgia football for over four years. He is the publisher for Dawg Post He can be reached here: dean@dawgpost.com

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