Watts misses first day of spring ball

ATHENS – Georgia's much-analyzed and asked-about offensive line didn't last through the first spring practice. It didn't even make it to the first minute of the first practice, in fact.

For starters, Washington County's Seth Watts, who was suspended from the team's Peach Bowl win over Virginia Tech, was not at practice Monday when spring workouts began. Watts, a junior, has yet to start a game at Georgia.

Head coach Mark Richt confirmed Watts' absence and told a school spokesman that Watts was taking care of personal business. Richt did not say when or if Watts would return. Watts, who has yet to start a game, could not be reached for comment.

A woman who answered the phone at his Sandersville home and identified herself as his motherdeclined to address Watts' status.

"I can't talk about that right now," she said.

With or without Watts, the Bulldogs' line will be changing this year. Georgia lost four seniors from the 2006 season and has five new faces in spring camp.

"Right now it's a jigsaw puzzle, and we're trying to fit in the best pieces," first-year line coach Stacy Searels said of his entire group.

The Bulldogs entered spring practice listing redshirt freshman Chris Davis as the starting center, seniors Fernando Velasco and Chester Adams at guard and redshirt freshman Josh Davis and sophomore Vince Vance at tackle.

When they lined up Monday, the line looked like this: Adams at right tackle, junior college transfer Scott Haverkamp at right guard, Velasco at center, Chris Davis at left guard and Josh Davis at left tackle. (Under Searels, the Bulldogs' offensive linemen are designated right and left rather than split side and tight side as under Neil Callaway last year.)

"We had a depth chart set and then we began our meetings, and by the time Coach Searels got through with his meetings, he felt like some guys were better suited (for different positions)," Richt said. "Of course, all that can change. I'm watching (the line) more for curiosity rather than seeing if Coach Searels is doing a good job. I know he's doing a good job."

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