Georgia inks radio deal with XM

ATHENS - The University of Georgia announced today that it has signed a contract with XM.

All of Georgia's football games for the 2007 season and beyond will be broadcast on XM. The basketball feed will begin at this week's SEC Basketball Tournament in Atlanta.

The deal is part of a larger one struck by the SEC and XM in which all confernce schools, save LSU who is not participating in the agreement, will be on the satellite radio service by fall of 2009.

Georgia joins Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Tennessee in having its games broadcast this fall. South Carolina will join XM in fall 2008, followed by the University of Florida in fall 2009. The SEC's other members are already broadcast on XM. For each school, XM plans to air every regular-season football game, the vast majority of basketball games, and other sports, plus comprehensive coverage of the SEC football and basketball championships.

XM and its competitor Sirius are in talks with the US Federal Goverment to form one satellite radio service. If the deal is approved the companies will merge.

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