Chahoy looking for recruting to heat up

Recruiting-wise, things are still going pretty slow for Dacula linebacker Brad Chahoy. He's heard a little from a few SEC schools including Georgia, but most of the interest so far is from smaller Division I-A and I-AA schools. But he is working out at Competitive Edge Sports and school, hoping to be able to sign with a big school.

Matthew Borenstein: How have things been going for you?

Brad Chahoy: They've been going pretty well. I have gotten a few letters but no offers yet. Things are going slow.

MB: Who have you been hearing from?

BC: Mostly smaller I-A and I-AA schools. Alabama, Auburn and Georgia have been calling, but nobody too hard yet.

MB: What do you think about Georgia?

BC: I want to see them play and they may invite me to see them. I'm not sure how interested they are.

MB: Who have you been in contact with?

BC: I am not sure which coaches, but I am friends with Rennie Curran and a few of his coaches have been sending me things.

MB: What are you looking for in a school?

BC: I want a place where I can play. I am looking for the best offer and the best place for me. I want a big school and to be on TV and better myself into the best athlete. I want a good education and a good school that is Division I and to feel at home.

MB: Do you have any camps planned?

BC: I have a few combines lined up including one at Georgia and one at Georgia Tech. But no camps yet.

MB: What are you looking to do next season on the field?

BC: I am trying for 15-20 tackles a game and 10 turnovers. I want a few interceptions and I may play some fullback too, so I want to make good blocks and maybe score.

MB: What type of workouts have you been doing to get ready?

BC: I am at Competitive Edge Sports and working out at my school.

MB: What's it like at CES with all the other high school players plus players getting ready for the NFL draft?

BC: It's great. We are pumping each other up so we can play the best when we are in games.

MB: Have the former college players preparing for the draft been a motivation?

BC: Yes. I've been comparing myself to see what it takes to get to that level and to see what I have to do.

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