Brewster nearly done traveling around

Michael Brewster is an offensive lineman who is racking up the offers from some of the best schools in the country. This Edgewater High School lineman takes a little different approach when it comes to Junior Days and summer camps.

Quentin Grant: Do you have any offers yet?

Michael Brewster: Yes sir, the ones I am interested in are Florida, Florida St, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio St, and USC and I also have some others.

QG: Who is recruiting you for Georgia?

MB: Coach Searles the offensive line coach is recruiting me.

QG: What do you know about Georgia at this point?

MB: I know it's a good place with a great program and good reputation.

QG: Living in Florida do you have a problem with moving away from home?

MB: I would like to stay pretty close to home, but I don't mind going away to school. It's all about if it is the right place for me.

QG: Do you have any plans on attending any Junior Days in the future?

MB: Well I've already attended Florida's Junior day but I don't really plan on attending a lot more in the future.

QG: Do you have any plans for camps over the summer?

MB: I don't think I'm going to go to anyone's camp this summer, I think I'm just going to stay close to home and work out with my team.

QG: You are a pretty big name guy and usually the bigger high school players do a lot of visiting during this time and attend a lot of different camps during the summer. Can I ask you why don't plan on doing much of either?

MB: Well I just want to stay around and work out with my team and worry about our season next year. I don't want to get caught up in a all the hype of recruiting. My coach and I think that is what is best for me.

QG: Do you have timeline as far as making a commitment?

MB: No not really. I want to take some visits and see where I feel most comfortable. If I find the place that feels right I would commit, but I don't have anything definite plans on when I want to commit. I will be graduating in January next year so I will have to have a decision sometime early in the school year next year.

QG: So you plan on enrolling early wherever you commit?

MB: Yes sir that is correct.

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