Noel likes Dawgs and Tech - waits for offers

David Noel is an offensive line prospect out of Monroe High School. He puts the Dawgs at the top of his wish list.

QG: David the last time I talked to you was at the Kennedy/CES Combine, have you picked up any offers since then?

David Noel: No, I don't have any offers yet.

QG: What schools are you hearing the most from?

DN: Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss and Georgia Tech.

QG: So you have been hearing from both in-state schools?

DN: Yes sir they both text me a lot. Both of them want me to come to their camp.

QG: Are you planning on attending Georgia's camp this summer?

DN: Yes sir, I plan on going to Georgia and Georgia Tech's camp this summer.

QG: Do you have any other camps planned?

DN: I would also like to go to the Ole Miss camp.

QG: Now you have already attended Georgia's Junior Day, do you have any other visits planned at this time?

DN: I think Georgia Tech's Junior Day may be coming up and I might go to that.

QG: Do you have a dream school where you have always wanted to play?

DN: I've always wanted to play for the University of Georgia. I would love to play like Max-Jean Gilles did over the next few years.

QG: Do you have any idea about a timeline for committing?

DN: I want to wait until signing day to make a commitment.

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