Boykin takes in practice

ATHENS – Georgia's practice can be repetitive, but not if you are considering playing football there. If that's the case it's exciting and new.

Fayette County's Brandon Boykin rode up to Georgia's camp with an offer in hand already. By visiting he was hoping to find out more what it would be like to play football at Georgia. According to him, he got a very good understanding.

"I really liked it up there," he said of his time at Georgia. "I got a chance to talk with Coach Martinez, who would be my position coach up there. I really liked him. He was down to Earth."

Boykin rode up with fellow Fayette County star Matt Daniels, who has an offer from Duke and is looking to go to school out of state, he said. Boykin will return to Athens Saturday to take in Georgia's first scrimmage of the spring.

The Bulldogs wanted to emphasis that academics are a very real part of the program at Georgia – a point which was not lost on Boykin, who said he was impressed with that.

"Coach Martinez talked with me about getting my education," he said. "I really liked that a lot. I was not expecting that sort of stuff. That's what impressed me today about Georgia."

Boykin has visited Duke, Auburn and Georgia Tech.

"They were personal at Georgia," Boykin said when comparing his experiences at the schools. "I felt like I was wanted more at Georgia and that made me a lot more confident about putting Georgia at the top of my list. I really like the way everything went today. They were talking with me about things while practice was going on and that made me feel real important."

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