Stephens waits for offer from Dawgs

Sherman Stephens is a quarterback out of Monroe in Albany. Stephens is hoping for an offer from the Dawgs in the coming weeks.

QG: The last time I saw you was the Kennedy/CES Combine, have you gotten any offers since then.

Sherman Stephens: Not yet, but I'm still waiting.

QG: What schools are you hearing from the most?

SS: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Clemson.

QG: Are you getting text messages from Georgia or just letters?

SS: Yes, they are texting me.

QG: Who is recruiting you for them?

SS: Coach Bobo

QG: Do you see yourself as strictly a quarterback in college, or is there a possibility of moving to another position such as defensive back.

SS: Nope, I'm just a quarterback.

QG: I know you've been to Georgia's Junior Day, have you been to any others?

SS: Yes, I went to Auburn's.

QG: Do you have any other visits planned in the near future?

SS: I'm going to try and make it up to Athens again, and also to Georgia Tech. Florida State's junior day is this weekend and I may go there.

QG: So you are planning on attending Georgia's Spring Game?

SS: Yes sir, I will be there.

QG: Have you made any plans for camping this summer?

SS: Yes, I'm going to Georgia's camp and Auburn.

QG: Do you have any favorites at this time?

SS: Yes sir, right now I'm heavily leaning toward Georgia and Auburn and Clemson is a close third. Whichever offer comes first between Georgia and Auburn I will most likely commit to.

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