Seiler: No retirement plans for UGA VI

ATHENS – Uga VI isn't going anywhere for now. No decision has been made on when Uga VI will retire.

That was the word from owner Sonny Seiler on Thursday after speculation ran rampant that the University of Georgia's 9-year-old English Bulldog mascot would retire after the 2007 season. No decision has been made on when Uga VI will retire, he said.

"Why should we draw a line any place?" Seiler asked.

None of the dogs in the Uga line has served beyond the age of 10, so there's no guarantee the current Uga, officially named "Uga V's Whatchagot Loran," will be around for the 2008 season, but there's also no reason to say he won't, Seiler said.

"He's as active as any mascot has ever been," Seiler said. "He is in excellent shape for his age, a little too fat like his daddy, me. He is one of the best we've ever had."

Uga VI is scheduled to be at the G-Day game, a fan appreciation day in Athens in July and picture day in August, Seiler said. He's also going to be on Food Network in a Paula Dean show that features tailgating.

"The vets say he's in good shape," Seiler said.

Georgia opens the 2007 football season on Sept. 1 in Sanford Stadium against Oklahoma State. "When the whistle blows, he'll be there," Seiler said.

Uga VI never has seemed as spry as his predecessors because he rarely has run onto the field in front of the football team before games. The reason for that is the same reason many a Bulldog has been sidelined through the years, surgery on a cruciate ligament in his knee. Uga VI's came when he was a 1-year-old, and the vet recommended not stressing the leg.

"We haven't run him ever like we ran the others," Seiler said. "He doesn't need to run. He sits on his ice over there and smiles for the photographers. He's been a good one."

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