Butler going to see Penn State

Brice Butler has become one of the most sought after receivers not only in the South but in the country.

Quentin Grant: I know you've gone on some visits lately. Where have you been?

Brice Butler: I've been to LSU, Georgia Tech, Florida State and I'm going to Penn State on Friday.

QG: Where any of those Junior Day visits?

BB: No, the only Junior Day I have been to was this past Friday when I went to Georgia Tech.

QG: After the Penn State this weekend what else do you have coming up after that?

BB: I will be going to Arizona State and Florida.

QG: Do you plan on making a visit to Georgia?

BB: Yes, my dad and I are going to go Georgia.

QG: Have you set a date for when you are going to visit Georgia?

BB: Not yet, but we will.

QG: Are you still hearing from the Georgia coaches a lot?

BB: Yes sir, I hear from them quite a bit.

QG: How many offers do you have currently?

BB: I have around 22 offers now.

QG: Have you thought about when you want to start to narrow that list down?

BB: I'm going to take my visits before I narrow down my list. I hope to have all of my visits done before July and to narrow my list down to ten but I may go ahead and narrow it down to five.

QG: Are you planning on using all five of your officials in the fall before making a decision?

BB: Yes sir I plan on taking all of my visits.

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