Butler and Green take in Dawgs' scrimmage

Brice Butler made a surprise visit to Georgia today, and got a chance to watch the Dawgs scrimmage along with another huge wide receiver recruit.

Quentin Grant: Was your visit to Georgia today a planned visit?

Brice Butler: No it wasn't planned. One of my coaches asked me if I wanted to go over to Athens and watch them scrimmage, and I told him that was fine.

QG: Did you get a chance to do anything else while you were there?

BB: No, we just watched practice and that was it.

QG: Did you get to talk to any of the coaches?

BB: I talked to Coach Richt for a little bit. He saw me and talked to me, because they didn't know I was coming. He saw me and pulled me into the middle of the field and it was me, A.J. Green and Coach Richt. He was just talking to me while they were running their plays during the scrimmage.

QG: What do you think about being together with A.J. Green at practice considering you guys are tow of the top wide receivers in the country?

BB: Yes sir it was pretty cool.

QG: Do you have any plans to go back to Georgia?

BB: Yes, but it will probably be in the summer because I am getting all of my vacationing out of the way as soon as possible.

QG: I know that Coach Searles is your recruiter for Georgia, did you get a chance to speak with him today?

BB: I talked to him a little bit but it wasn't about anything important really.

QG: How much of the scrimmage did you get to see?

BB: I got to see the whole scrimmage.

QG: Did you see anything during the scrimmage that caught your eye?

BB: They were throwing the ball a lot, I mean they were throwing the bal a lot.

QG: Can Stafford throw it?

BB: Yes, he can sling, and he was throwing it a lot.

QG: Can you see yourself catching passes from him one day?

BB: Yes sir I could.

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