Brewer discusses trip to Athens

Xavier Brewer talks about his visit to Athens and what he liked about the Georgia campus.

Quentin Grant: How did you enjoy your visit to Georgia today?

Xavier Brewer: It was nice. I liked it a lot.

QG: What did you do during your visit?

XB: We got to see a spring practice. We also go to see the campus and everything they had to offer. It was really nice. I'm staying with Bryan Evans the cornerback right now.

QG: So you are staying for the night in Athens?

XB: Yes, we will be here for the night and we'll head back in the morning.

QG: What did you see the caught your eye in practice?

XB: I liked everything about practice. I got to see Coach Martinez and I walked around with Coach Richt for a little bit. I liked everything I saw , I liked the db's, and I liked the way Coach Martinez coaches since he is the db coach.

QG: Coach Martinez is a pretty tough coach, do you like his hard-nosed style?

XB: Oh yeah, he's real intense and I like that. I can tell he brings that everyday too, and not just because I was there.

QG: What did you like about the campus?

XB: Pretty much everything. I saw the rec center which I liked. The dining halls are state of the art. Everything is just state of the art here. I liked the locker room, and we are at the dorm right now and it is pretty cool.

QG: I know you enjoyed your visit to Florida a couple of weeks ago. How do you compare your visit to Georgia with your visit to Florida?

XB: I definitely got to see a lot more here than I did at Florida. I only got to see practice when I went to Florida, but I got to see a lot more and I liked it a lot.

QG: Will you keep considering Georgia as you begin to narrow down your list?

XB: Definitely.

QG: Where is your next visit after you leave Athens?

XB: I go to Miami on Friday.

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