CUTigersTV: James Davis

CLEMSON - caught up with RB James Davis after Saturday's spring game.

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James lets start off by you just talking about the spring game in general. Seemed the like both offenses showed some good signs out there today.
Davis: First of all, I thought we automatically had the best team because we had Cullen at quarterback. (laughing) In the spring game all you had to do was the touch the quarterback. So I knew it would be harder for Willy to use his speed. So I was glad I had Cullen but all around I thought we played a good game.

You should a good burst of speed there a couple of times today. Was that a focal point for you this offseason?
Davis: Yeah that was something I've worked on with my training with Coach Batson. That helped me out a lot.

I've asked you this twice before today, but tell us who the starting quarterback is for this team and who has looked better this spring, in your opinion.
Davis: I'd like to say Cullen. He still looks better than everybody else right now. Those other guys, they've still done a great job- Willy Korn, Tribble Reese.

So could you feel comfortable if Willy Korn was the starting quarterback? Could he lead this team to a win over Florida State in the season opener?
Davis: Yeah I think he could. He's got all the tools. The guy is talented. As time progresses he'll get better and better. I think at least they'll have to give him a chance.

You've seen first hand how this new offesnive line is coming together. Has this unit improved this spring in your estimation?
Davis: Well, they improved alot but we have a great defensive line. That's helping them improve right there. Once my offensive line left last year I knew these guys were going to improve because of the defensive line. Those guys are coming along good though.

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