Jackson gets his offer from Dawgs

Dontavious Jackson, running back out of Heard County High, discusses his recent visits and an offer that has been a long time coming.

Quentin Grant: I know you went to Georgia Tech a couple of weeks ago, how did that go?

Dontavious Jackson: It went real good. I got to go into the running back meeting, and they had a real good spring.

QG: You also went to Clemson this past weekend. Did you enjoy your visit?

DJ: I loved Clemson, I really liked it. Everybody was really cool, and they have a real good fan base.

QG: Don't you have a trip coming up to Alabama this weekend?

DJ: Yes sir I do.

QG: What's the best visit you have taken to this point?

DJ: Out of all of them I would have to say Clemson because I got go around and see everything.

QG: When did you get your offer from Georgia?

DJ: I was offered by Georgia on Sunday.

QG: Were you excited to get the offer?

DJ: Yes, it was real exciting.

QG: Had you been hoping for an offer from them for a while?

DJ: Yes, I had expected one was coming, but I was really hoping to get one.

QG: Does the fact that Georgia waited longer than most schools to offer you, does that affect their changes of you committing there?

DJ: No sir, it probably won't affect me in my decision.

QG: After your Alabama trip will you be taking any other visits?

DJ: I'm probably done with visits until this summer.

QG: Do you know where you are camping this summer?

DJ: I know I'm going to go to some camps but I haven't picked out the ones I will be going to.

QG: Have you narrowed down your choices to a top five at this point?

DJ: I haven't done that yet, but I will probably select a top five this summer.

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