Glenn working - programs noticing

Cordy Glenn is still working to get were he wants to be and schools are noticing.

"I want to show people that I can pass block," Glenn said.

Glenn, who said he is motivated by doubters who think he won't be able to pass protect at the college level, has been working against a speed rusher during his off-season workouts.

"I've been working on my kick start," Glenn said. "I'm not worried about those big guys I will be going up against – it's the faster guys I have to get ready for. I hope that more schools will see what I have been doing and take notice of it."

It seems Virginia and Georgia already liked what they saw, but Maryland may be the latest school to offer Glenn.

"My coach told me that their offer is on the way," Glenn said.

Glenn is traveling to Athens this weekend for the combine there. He said he hopes to get a chance to talk with Georgia's coaches more and that he's not been hearing a ton from any school in particular lately.

Glenn is considered one of the top offensive linemen in Georgia. It would seem logical to think that Georgia would have an easy time pulling in a prospect from so close to their campus when fighting a school as far away as Virginia, but that's not been the case. Still, Glenn and A.J. Harmon, who could play on the defensive line, appear to be Georgia's top targets at offensive tackle this year.

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